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Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download

Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download

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Size: 1.3 GB
Quality:  Bluray 1080p
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden as himself. Shailene Woodley as Lindsay Mills. Melissa Leo as Laura Poitras. Zachary Quinto as Glenn Greenwald. Tom Wilkinson as Ewen MacAskill. Scott Eastwood as Trevor James. Logan Marshall-Green as Male Drone Pilot. Timothy Olyphant as CIA Agent Geneva.
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Description: Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download

In 2013, Edward Snowden arranges a clandestine meet in Hong Kong with documentarian Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald. They discuss releasing the classified information in the former’s possession regarding illegal mass surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA).
In 2004, Snowden is undergoing basic training, having enlisted in the U.S. Army with intentions of matriculating to the Special Forces. He eventually fractures his tibia, and is informed that he will be receiving an administrative discharge and that he may serve his country in other ways.
Snowden applies for a position at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and subsequently undergoes the screening process. Initially his answers to the screening questions are insufficient, but Deputy Director Corbin O’Brian decides to take a chance on him, given the demands of such extraordinary times. Snowden is then brought to “The Hill” where he is educated and tested on cyberwarfare. He learns about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which circumvents the Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens by allowing warrant requests to be approved by a panel of judges that were appointed by the chief justice. Snowden and his peers are each tasked with building a covert communications network in their hometown, deleting it, and then rebuilding it in eight hours or less, with five being the average time taken. Snowden impresses O’Brian when he completes the exercise in 38 minutes.

Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download
Meanwhile, Snowden meets Lindsay Mills via a dating website. The two bond, despite sharply contrasting political ideologies. Snowden acquires his first post abroad working with diplomatic cover in Geneva in 2007, taking Mills with him. He meets Gabriel Sol, who has ample experience in electronic surveillance. Snowden begins questioning the ethical implications of their assignment. After his superior decides to set up their target on a DUI charge in order to leverage information from him, Snowden resigns from the CIA.
Snowden later takes a position with the NSA in Japan, initially under the pretense of building a program that would allow the government to back up all critical data from the Middle East in an emergency, a program which he names “Epic Shelter”. Snowden learns of the practices the NSA and other U.S. Government agencies are using not just in Japan, but in most countries the U.S. is currently allied with, which include planting malware in different computers that manage government, infrastructure and financial sectors so that, in the event that any allies turn against the US, that country can effectively be shut down in retaliation. The stress associated with the job results in the end of his relationship with Mills, who moves back with her family in Maryland.

Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download
Three months later, Snowden has left his post with the NSA and returned to Maryland where he and Mills resume their relationship and he takes a position consulting for the CIA. During a hunting trip, O’Brian reveals an operation in Oahu that revolves around counterattacking Chinese hackers. After Snowden is diagnosed with epilepsy, Mills allows him to join the operation for she believes the environment in Hawaii may be beneficial for him. Upon beginning his new job in “The Tunnel”, an underground World War II bunker that has been repurposed for massive electronic surveillance and SIGINT operations, Snowden learns that Epic Shelter is actually providing real-time data that assists U.S. drone pilots in launching lethal strikes against terror suspects in Afghanistan.
Snowden ultimately becomes disillusioned with what he is a part of. It culminates in Snowden smuggling a microSD card into his office by way of a Rubik’s Cube, and loading all relevant data. He then tells his colleagues he is feeling ill and departs. He advises Mills to fly home to Maryland, after which he contacts Poitras and Greenwald to schedule the meet.

Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download
With the help of journalist Ewen MacAskill, the information is disseminated to the press on June 5, 2013, with additional leaks published in the following days. In the aftermath, with the help of MacAskill, Greenwald and Poitras, Snowden is smuggled out of Hong Kong on a flight bound for Latin America by way of Russia. However, the U.S. Government revokes his passport, forcing him to remain in Moscow indefinitely. He is eventually granted asylum for three years, with Mills joining him at a later date. Snowden continues his activism.

Snowden 2016 Full Movie 1080p Free Download

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