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Special Episode – The Abominable Bride

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Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Special Episode HD free

In the 19th century, Dr. John Watson has been medically discharged from the Army and travels to London. Watson is met by Stamford, his fellow-student at Bart’s, who takes him to meet Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is beating corpses with a cane to establish the principle of bruising after death. Holmes invites Watson to share his new flat in Baker Street, which Watson accepts.
In 1895, Inspector Lestrade arrives and presents Holmes and Watson with a puzzling case: Emelia Ricoletti, a consumptive bride, had fired on by-passers in the street from a balcony, before fatally shooting herself. Later that evening, Mr Ricoletti was confronted by Emelia, who shot him before disappearing into the fog. Intrigued by Emelia’s apparent survival, Holmes takes the case. At the morgue, Dr Hooper informs Holmes that the woman who killed herself, the woman who murdered Mr Ricoletti and the body on hand have all been positively identified as Emelia Ricoletti. Stymied, Holmes loses interest in the case. When the bride apparently returns to murder other men, he deduces that these are copycat crimes.

Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Special Episode HD free
Months later, Holmes’ brother Mycroft Holmes refers a case to Holmes: Lady Carmichael’s husband, Sir Eustace Carmichael, received a threatening warning in the form of orange pips, sent to him in an envelope. Sir Eustace is uncooperative, describing his wife as “hysterical”. That night, Holmes and Watson stake out the house. The ghostly-looking bride appears and disappears in front of them, and the sound of breaking glass is heard. Sir Eustace is heard screaming, then Lady Carmichael. Holmes finds that Sir Eustace has been stabbed to death, seemingly by Emelia, who then escapes through a broken window. Lestrade arrives and mentions a note found attached to the dagger which Holmes says was not there when he found the body. The note reads, “Miss me?”, a phrase used by the modern-day James Moriarty. After insisting that the case’s solution is so simple that even Lestrade could solve it, Holmes meditates. Moriarty appears and taunts Holmes about the mystery of Emelia shooting herself but still being alive, alluding to the similarity to Moriarty’s suicide in the present. Moriarty then shoots himself in the head but remains alive.
In the present day, it is revealed that the events of Victorian England are actually occurring within Sherlock’s drug-induced Mind Palace. The plane has returned to England minutes after taking off after Moriarty’s broadcast, and Mycroft, John, and Mary enter the plane to find a delirious Sherlock rambling about the unsolved Ricoletti case. Sherlock explains he had hoped to solve that case to come to understand how Moriarty had returned in the present. Over Watson’s protestations, Sherlock once again takes drugs, falling back into his Mind Palace.

Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Special Episode HD free
In Victorian England, Holmes is awakened by Watson in the past with the events of the present seemingly a delusion from the diluted cocaine solution he had injected. Holmes receives a telegram from Mrs Watson saying she has found Emelia’s co-conspirators at a desanctified church. There they discover and interrupt a secret group of the Women’s Rights Movement (similar to the Suffragette movement in the late 19th century), whose members include Dr Hooper, Janine Hawkins and Watson’s maidservant. Holmes explains that they used a double to fake Emelia’s death, allowing her to kill her husband and create the persona of the avenging bride. Already dying, she was later killed at her request by being shot through the mouth; the duplicate corpse was replaced by her actual corpse, the one Holmes and Watson saw at the morgue, for a positive identification. Since then, the women have used the persona of the bride to murder men who wronged them. Sherlock surmises that Lady Carmichael, being a member of the society, killed her husband. He makes his accusation to the approaching bride, assuming that it is Lady Carmichael. When he lifts the bride’s veil, however, he finds that the “bride” is actually Moriarty.
Sherlock then seems to awaken in the present, where he insists on digging up Emelia’s grave to prove that her body-double was buried under the coffin. While doing so, he hears Emelia’s corpse repeatedly whispering, “Do not forget me”. The corpse moves to attack him, then Holmes awakens in the past on a ledge next to the Reichenbach Falls. Moriarty appears and says Holmes is still stuck in his Mind Palace – Holmes realises that he was still dreaming whilst digging up the corpse. The men fight and Moriarty gains the upper hand, but Watson appears and holds Moriarty at gunpoint. Watson kicks Moriarty off the ledge and then asks Holmes how he can wake up in the present. Holmes decides to fall over the ledge, having confidence he will survive.

Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Special Episode HD free
Sherlock wakes up in the present on the plane. Mycroft asks John to look after Sherlock, hoping he will not use drugs again. After John leaves the plane, Mycroft opens Sherlock’s notebook, revealing the word “Redbeard”. Sherlock concludes that, like Ricoletti, Moriarty did indeed die but had planned to have others carry out his plans after his death. Once again in Victorian England, Holmes describes the concepts of an aeroplane and mobile telephone to a sceptical Watson, and looks out the window onto Baker Street in the present.

Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Special Episode HD free